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By using the telematics products and services offered by CSE Telematics Sdn Bhd, I hereby understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions stated below and the General Terms and Conditions and to be read in conjunction with the User Manual and Quick User Guide.

The Microtag is a bluetooth enabled device which works only when paired with a smartphone that has downloaded the respective mobile apps designed to provide all the services listed in the respective brochures and sales material. Therefore, all Services mentioned below can only be delivered when the Microtag is paired and connected to the mobile app. You are advised to ensure that the Microtag is connected at all times during your drive.

Emergency Services via Auto eCall or Manual eCall (eCall)
  • eCall services (other than vehicle breakdown incidents) are provided by our Secure Operations Centre (SOC) contacting directly Malaysian Emergency Response Services 999 (MERS 999) and relaying all the necessary information for MERS 999 to dispatch the appropriate assistance.
  • The service level is dependent on MERS 999’s services and you may obtain more information from their website at https://www.999.gov.my/
  • The phone distraction alert is designed to prevent phone usage during driving. You are also advised to exercise all other precautions that may affect the safety of your drive.
Breakdown Services (bCall)
  • bCall services relate to vehicle related incidences and are provided via our VIP Assist Program.
  • Features of the VIP Assist Program are as follow:-
    • Unlimited towing to a preferred location, in case of flood, breakdown or accident.
    • FREE labour charge for on-site repair service (up to RM300 per incident).
    • Cross Border Towing assistance to arrange towing up to the border (cost borne by Customer) and we will then take over to tow to your preferred destination.
    • Transport reimbursement in case of accident repair up to RM1,500* (when repaired at authorised PIAM workshops).


  • Auto eCall, Manual eCall and Breakdown bCall will depend on the user pairing with mobile app and Microtag and with the availability of GSM network on the user’s mobile phone.
  • All features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All other standard terms and conditions are listed down in the General Terms and Conditions.
  • Our Privacy Notice is available at https://www.cse.com.my/cse/pdpa.html
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